Olympic Ferro  

  • 1987 black 16.3-hand Dutch KWPN
  • Approved for: Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Dutch

Olympic Ferro is the highest placed KWPN (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands) dressage stallion in Holland. Ferro and his rider Coby van Baalen form an exquisite couple. Out of the six stallions that have been approved in the stallion selection in Ermelo (2000) two were sons of Olympic Ferro: Paddox and Pyriet. In addition the KWPN previously approved six sons of Olympic Ferro: Kennedy, Metall, Negro, Paddox, Pyriet and Osmium. One son of Ferro was approved by the NRPS: Ferrolan.

The British AES approved two sons of Olympic Ferro: Jazz Dancer and Lorenzo. This brings his total approved sons to 9 and at Den Bosch (2001) he has 9 sons competing for approval. He also has an American-bred son going into the Oldenburg approval in Germany. The offspring of Olympic Ferro do extremely well both in dressage and jumping. Olympic Ferro is the top stallion of the Netherlands and the pride of the KWPN.

For the year 2002 eleven Ferro sons were appointed for the second examination in 's-Hertogenbosch. This is the most for all father animals. In the year 2001 2 stallions from Ferro were approved by the KWPN, it were Rousseau and Rhodium.

At this moment Olympic Ferro is no.1 on the BN WORLD STALLION RANKINGS (dressage)

During the first stallion examination in Ermelo, 9 young Ferro's were sent to the second examination 2000 in 's-Hertogenbosch (1-3 feb. 2001).

With this achievement Ferro is the number one of all stallions in the Netherlands!

On May 23 at Ermelo, The Netherlands, Ferro x Roemier passed the stallion exam with an 8 for his ability to become a dressage stallion!! Friday night February 2nd 2001 was Ferro's night, crowds gathered when Ferro and his sons entered the ring in Den Bosch (the Netherlands) for a show performance. Saturday February 3rd was another Ferro day, two Ferro sons were listed in the top 10 of best new stallions! Saturday evening an auction was held. One of Ferro's sons, Rambo, was sold for 300.000,- guilders to the US based Hilltop Farm!!! Osmium performed in the finals of the stallion competition in 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands) from 1 - 3 February 2001.

In the end he turned out to be the winner, 12 points ahead of number 2. An amazing and wonderfull three days at the stallioncompetition in Den Bosch .At the moment, Olympic Ferro is the third ranked horse worldwide, but he is ranked first on the dressage world rankings!!!! 

Stallion Performance Test 1995 Ermello




Overall   1st


V. Ulft keur Le Mexico keur Mexico
Peche Melbe
Pia keur, pref  Pericles xx
Elmi ster pref
M.M. Brenda ster, pref Farn keur Fax I
Dorette H
Upianna keur Prefect
Piana keur, pref